Friday, March 4, 2011

boxes are heading to haiti


  1. I'l bet you're a great nurse! I'm a retired RN and I miss the patient/family interactions.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and for the 'follow'! So glad to have you with me!!! I’m still new to blogging and really appreciate any new followers.
    Did you notice that you can click on my main page photo and it will take you directly to Oak Lawn Images, Facebook site and to the catalogue of photos. Or, if you select the link under the group of thumbnail photos, on my main page, you can just view the photographs on Flickr. If you see any you like, I’d love to have the feedback.
    Please check back frequently because I often change the main blog page photo.
    Kathy @ Oak Lawn Images

  2. Hi i'm now following back, sorry it took so long:/

  3. Lovely blog. Nurses are some of the unsung heroes in my opinion, so kudos for taking up the profession, though I suspect it is more of a vocation. :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  4. I'm a theatre nurse :) I've had to return to fulltime work after my husbands accident.

    You might want to pop over and enter my Easter giveaway :)

  5. Hi Shelly, thanks for following my blog. I'm now following you too.